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  • Tracey Edwards

    Head of Urgent Care - Yorkshire

    Urgent Care - Yorkshire

    After a successful competitive tender process, the Doncaster Urgent Care system became FCMS’ first face to face service outside of Lancashire in October 2015.

    We are proud of the improvements and developments we have implemented and are looking forward to the future, shaping urgent care services for the local population in the years to come.

  • Nick Ball

    Operations Manager

    Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) & GP Out Of Hours

    Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)

    The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

    The Doncaster UTC utlises a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of: General Practitioners; Nurse practitioners; Advanced nurse practitioners; Nurses; Emergency care practitioners, and Healthcare assistants.

    The UCC operates on behalf of patients who have been triaged and deemed appropriate to access primary care assessment, advice and treatment services having presented at A&E.

    The UTC currently operates the following services:

    • A walk in service for patients deemed appropriate to access primary care assessment, advice and treatment services
    •  Access to diagnostics that would normally be available in General Practice
    • Signposts and refers patients as appropriate

    GP Out of Hours

    FCMS also operate the GP OOH contract for Doncaster and Bassetlaw. This service will operate from within the UTC and will be operational during the following time periods:

    Providing cover for Doncaster General Practices

    Monday to Friday – 1800 – 1830

    GP Out of Hours Service

    Monday to Friday – 1830 – 0800

    Friday 1800 to Monday 0800

    Bank Holidays

    In addition to the core service provided by the UTC, the GP OOH service provides:

    • Triage and advice to patients via a direct, non-premium rate telephone line
    • Triage and advice to patients via GP practice telephone systems that automatically transfer patients to the UCC
    • A system to respond to NHS 111 requests
    • Booked appointment following telephone triage and advice as appropriate
    • Home visits to patients
    • Transport for patients to attend the unit as appropriate
    • Support to the wider OOH healthcare system to ensure that patients are maintained in their own home as appropriate, for example end of life care and mental health crises.


  • GP Out of Hours & Urgent Treatment Centre, Same Day Health Centre & ECP Service

    Same Day Health Centre

    Patients access the service by appointment and all patients that require an appointment will receive a comprehensive consultation from a suitably qualified clinician within 24 hours of the appointment being requested.

    Services are provided by suitably qualified clinicians for example GPs, Nurse Practitioners and Emergency Care Practitioners trained in minor illnesses and minor injuries.

    Our service provides the following:

    • Diagnosis and management of acute medical conditions including 1st line diagnostics such as phlebotomy
    • The treatment of minor injuries.
    • The treatment of minor and moderate illnesses
    • Management of acute exacerbation of chronic disease
    • Sexual health issues (including provision of emergency contraception)
    • Onward referral to secondary or specialist NHS healthcare providers as part of the acute episode of care
    • Wound care
    • Prescribing in line with the agreed Doncaster formularies

    Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) Service

    The service is mainly community based and integrates and supports existing community services in order to help bridge the gap between primary and secondary care, bringing patient care closer to home and in doing so, supporting the reduction of hospital admissions. The service is not directly accessible to the public; instead a variety of local professionals are able to refer patients into the ECP service.

    Our highly skilled ECP’s operate in the following ways:

    • assess, plan, treat and evaluate urgent care at an advanced level;
    • work autonomously, exercising a high degree of critical judgement to improve outcomes and experiences for patients;
    • provide expert clinical advice and expertise to patients, service users, carers and colleagues.
    • work as an expert practitioner, diagnosing, initiating treatment and referring onwards when indicated.
    • evaluate and manage a patient’s response to treatment;

    The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



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